Turn Up Tuesday? No Problem!

Imagine this - your best friend's birthday is a Tuesday night, you, being a good friend, take it upon yourself to buy your friend (and yourself), all the margaritas she wants.

Flash forward to Wednesday morning; you're at your 9 to 5 job. Karen, the energy vampire from accounting is at your desk chatting your ear off. The glare from your computer screen is not making the situation any more pleasant. In another life, you would just power through it, go home and yell at your cat (shame!) and nurse your hangover. But not anymore! Now when you show up to work after bottomless margaritas on Turn Up Tuesday, you've got rose-tinted Tints in your arsenal. Pop those babies on and poof - the bags under your eyes are less noticeable, your light sensitivity from the screen is greatly reduced, and your mood is elevated to the point where you won't scream at Karen to STFU (no promises about that last part). And if your boss asks you about your fashionable tinted eyewear, you can tell them you're wearing your computer glasses, and protecting your eyes from blue light, instead of stumbling through an excuse about why you're a wreck on a Wednesday.