Is My Computer Causing My Head Ache?!

Ever feel like your brain is trying to escape out of your eyeballs? You know, that throbbing, pulling, straining, “why me?!” kind of sensation? There are literally hundreds of reasons for a headache. Neurologists love to classify and then sub-classify the different types of headaches. Have you ever wondered why you may be getting a headache? Two of the most common  headache presentations may actually be directly related to your office job.

blue light computer glasses

The first is related to over stimulation of the focusing mechanism in the eyes. Blue light emitted from the computer (or phone or tablet) has been shown to over activate the accommodation (focusing) in the eyes. This results in a straining, pulling sensation located just above your eyebrows. The fix? Throw your computer out the window and start a beet farm!

Kidding! Unless you’re willing to go full Dwight Schrute, reach for a pair of blue light blocking glasses like these. Blue light computer glasses filter out some of that blue wavelength light, so you’re eyes focus how they’re meant to. They also reduce glare and sharpen your vision.

neck pain tension headache

The second most common computer-related headache is pain in the back of the head at the occipital region (base of the skull). This is due to strained muscles in the upper back and neck from poor posture at your desk, or when looking down at your phone. A fix? Have an occupational therapist swing by your office to adjust the heights of your desk, chair and computer arrangement. OR better yet- switch to an ergonomic standing desk. Most employers will also offer message and physical therapy through benefits packages - use them up!

These are two of the many culprits of headaches, and it’s nice to know that there are fairly simple fixes for both. However, not all headaches are created equal. We encourage you to see your family doctor if your head ache symptoms aren’t improving.